1955 is an Italian Eyewear Factory
that manufactures hand-crafted eyeglasses
and sunglasses.



1955 Italian Eyewear Factory
eyewear with an italian soul

In a world that opens up  to mass and standardized productions, we want to go against the current trend. We do not believe in standardization  but in the uniqueness of each individual person: this is why we wanted to establish  a company that makes individualization and enhancement of the individual its philosophy.

We are in Basilicata, in the heart of Italy, a land that still today  jealously preserves  its values and we from 1955  have allowed ourselves the luxury of time. Nature, here,  is slow, there is no hurry... and then why not use our time to do something unique, original that lasts in time ?

In this area  we decided to give birth to our company, a small pearl that looks at  the style of the past, projecting itself towards the future. We are inspired by the effervescent  post-war years, when design, innovation, creativity and the culture of beauty and originality marked the Italian economic miracle.

Faithful to our tradition and unconventional creativity, we want to give shape to your ideas with our Italian Eyewear 1955 Factory .

Maximum care and attention,  ecological materials and important collaborations to create eyeglasses and sunglasses, both for private individuals and for distribution. This is the starting point of  our collections.

Occhialeria Artigiana dedicated to refinement and elegance. Each model is made following a production cycle marked by several processing stages to create real iconic models. No targets and classifications: it is a product suitable for all ages, both for men and for women. Our limited editions are also part of this collection, for example the model  “Pierpaolo”, designed and created specifically for the film on the life of the famous film director and writer Pierpaolo Pasolini.

Primus the line dedicated to children. Because even  they have the right to feel unique.

Exclusivity is our timeless style, quality is our soul.

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