1955 takes care of the entire process of handcrafting sunglasses and eyeglasses, which is made up of 35 steps - each one of them essential. Two production lines that create up to 150 frames per day, utilising only quality raw materials. The production process is 100% Made in Italy and ISO 9001 certified.

The creation of eyeglasses and sunglasses starts from the design phase, with hand-drawn sketches and 3D computer drawings. It is then followed by the development of a prototype with 3D printing: the goal is to design not just exclusive design pair glasses but eyewear that is functional and ergonomic.

After checking the correctness of the prototype, the production phase begins, starting with the cutting of a strip from a sheet of acetate. The front piece is cut next to start to define the shape of the lenses, and then the outer cut to outline the frame. All pieces are subsequently sanded and smoothed by hand using sandpaper.  

Crating continues with the smoothing, polishing, and buffering of the end pieces and fronts of frames and then with fastening the hinges inside the front part of the glasses.

The next step is bending to create the curvature on the part of the eyeglasses resting on the nose. Protective stoppers are immediately inserted on the hinges to keep them from getting damaged during barrelling: this step lasts up to 72 hours and involves smoothing in barrels, in which there are cylindrical pieces of wood that smooth and polish the fronts of the frames and define the shapes through rotation. Next the glasses undergo ultrasound cleaning to eliminate all barrelling residues.

Once this production cycle has been completed, the temples, or the sidepieces, of the glasses are created using a machine called a "core temple shooting machine": this is a hollow punch that cuts the various temples which, after having been heated, are completed with metal cores inserted inside them to make them more rigid and stable. The next step includes smoothing the surfaces and perimeter of the sidepieces using sandpaper, followed by barrelling.

The last step is complete assembly including frame adjustment and finishing. The finished, customised eyewear is now ready for packaging and shipping


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